Healthy and Wholesome: The Simple Kitchen in Toronto

the simple kitchen paleo gluten free cafe restaurant roncesvalles Toronto
The Simple Kitchen in Toronto

Between the Peru and Portugal portion of our Round the World travels, we made a stop back home to Canada.  And let me tell you, it’s been wonderful to make a rest stop here in Toronto and be surrounded by all things familiar.

We spent our first few days doing nothing except for taking long, hot showers, eating everything Steve’s aunt and uncle served up to us, and spending hours watching Netflix on a big, comfy couch.  When we were finally ready to venture out in snowy Toronto, we picked our favourite style of cafe and eatery to check out: hip and healthy.

The bright natural light, marble tabletops, cottage-inspired white wood paneled bar, gold detailing and yellow chairs at The Simple Kitchen in Roncesvalles (downtown Toronto) was a familiar sight, the exact look that screams “healthy food modern resto cafe“!  They offer wholesome, nourishing boxes and salads, soups and sandwiches, lattes and milk-alternatives.  If you’re someone interested in the health benefits of “superfoods”, you could literally spend hours here sipping on bulletproof coffee, eating organic meat from BERETTA farms, with sides of cauliflower rice and spiralized zucchini.

the simple kitchen lunch
Harvest Salad with Egg ($13) and Keto Box with Cauliflower Rice and Zuchinni ($9)
the simple kitchen cafe
Matcha Latte ($5) // Bulletproof Coffee ($5)

The menu at The Simple Kitchen hones in on the paleo and gluten free styles of eating; focusing on whole, nutritious food, minimizing overly processed or packaged foods when possible, and supporting a wholesome, nutritious lifestyle. It’s not vegetarian, but vegan and vegetarian menu options are available.  Available for eat-in, take-away, and catering, your order is customizable with build-your-own style boxes and salads, soups and sandwiches, as well as a variety of fresh-pressed juices and superfood smoothies.

For a snack or dessert, The Simple Cafe also serves gluten free and vegan goods, baked in-house every day.  We even picked up a few snacks for the next leg of our travels, including bars of Hu Kitchen stone-ground dark chocolate — we’ve long run out of cacoa chocolate during our travels.

By coincidence, the co-owner of the cafe is from Portugal, so we eagerly listened to his recommendations on what we should see an do as we continue on our round-the-world trip to Europe.

Whether you’re visiting Toronto as a tourist, or you’re from the 416, The Simple Kitchen is a great option for healthy and wholesome food choices.  When you’re done your lunch, be sure to walk through the Roncesvalles and check out all the hip little boutiques which support local designers and artists.


Thank you to The Simple Kitchen for hosting us for lunch and gifting us with a goodie bag full of snacks and baked goods!  As always, all opinions are our own on Modern Mix Travel.



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